International Organisations


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Founded: 4 April, 1949

Head Quarter: Brussels (Belgium)

In the beginning: 12 members

Now: 30 members

Official language: English, French

Secretary General: Jew Stoltenberg

  • A type of military alliance

  • North American and Europeans countries

  • The army chief of all countries represents the respective countries except France and Iceland.

  • Signed at Geneva

  • Founded shortly after World War- 2

They agreed that, any attack on any member country will be countered by combined action, i.e. all the countries will attack together.

Test Yourself

Q.1 when was NATO founded?

a) April, 1949 b) August, 1949 c) April, 1948

Q.2 how many members are there in NATO?

a) 29 b) 28 c) 30

Q.3 which pair of countries are the members of NATO?

a) North American and African countries

b) North American and European countries

c) European and South American countries

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