On the basis of Period of Origin

· Old mountains :

Aplesia (America)

Panine (Europe)

Aravali (India)

· New Mountains:

Himalayas (Asia)

Alps (Europe)

Andes (South America)

Rockies (North America)

On the basis of origin:

· Fold Mountains:

Himalayas (Asia)

Andes (South America)

Rockies (North America)

Alps (Europe)

Old Fold Mountains:




· Block and Rift Mountains:

formed due to faults

The higher parts are called blocks and the valley so formed in between two blocks is called rift valley.

Block mountains:

France: Vosges

Germany: Black Forest

India: Satpura, Vindhyachal

Rift Valley:

Narmada river valley (India)

Rhine river valley (Europe)

Great Rift Valley (Africa)

Pakistan: salt range

*Longest mountain range : Andes

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